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Grindrod Bank Umngazi Pondo Pedal

Posted on: August 14, 2015, in Community, Events

At Umngazi we encourage each and every visitor to discover as much as they possibly can. From the rugged coastlines, indigenous forests and crystal clear waters, to pristine beaches and a never-ending list of breath taking scenery – and what better way to do so that from the seat of your bike, in an event like no other.
One of the youngest of our coastal mountain bike races, Grindrod Bank Umngazi Pondo Pedal has become a popular fixture on the mountain biking calendar in just three years. The race caters for a variety of intermediate and advanced biking appetites and takes cyclists along a diverse route that includes district roads, swamp trails and cattle paths, where teams are often cheered on by the local Umngazi community.
This is a race for the young-spirited, the adventurous and the family-time lovers with a passion for seeing and experiencing the world’s beauty. Weather it’s a passion for cycling or a great love for the outdoors, this is a race not to be missed!
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