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Waste and Renewable Energy

Posted on: December 30, 2018, in Latest News

From time to time we receive an enquiry on any or all of the following subjects:

  • What is Umngazi doing about the waste & renewable energy?
    • All our kitchen and human waste is processed through a state-of-the art treatment plant which in turn produces water which is perfectly suitable for use in our gardens.
    • All the non-combustible waste is sorted into glass, can & plastic categories and is transported to Port St Johns solid waste depot.
    • We are engaged in an extensive wind & solar energy pilot study which has as its’ aim a reduction of 50% of our present Eskom off take. This is a tall order but technology is advancing quite rapidly. We hope to have reached a satisfactory conclusion in the near future.


  • Television, newspapers, fridges & telephones in our bungalows/cottages.
    • We have frequently been asked by visiting families to resist any notion of introducing these additional comforts to our accommodation. There was an “outcry” when cell phones first reached Umngazi. However, like the vuvuzela, some like it, some don’t mind and others hate them. We’re just being cautious and take our guidance from our regular visitors who wish to maintain an emphasis on the outdoors and peace and quiet.

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