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Note from Keith & Nicole

Posted on: October 25, 2022, in Latest News

How wonderful it is to once again be heading towards Summer.

Those lovely lazy, long days here at Umngazi are our best. The late afternoon sun just bathes everything in a warm, deep, comforting glow and the best is to sit at the pool and listen to the late afternoon peacefulness – preferably with an ice cold something in your hand and not a care in the world.

This year again seems to have just flown by and I can’t believe that behind the scenes we are happily starting to get our Christmas ideas into place. Christmas décor is being made and New Year ideas have already been decided, recipes are being tested and tasted and the kitchen has already made their Christmas cakes. Our offices are starting to look like Santa’s workshop and our darling Housekeeping ladies patiently try to keep our offices tidy only to return at the end of the day to more tinsel, felt, glitter and sparkles.

The hotel has been busy and we are so grateful for all the new and old visitors – thank you again for coming and visiting us and for entrusting us to help you make those special memories that are so precious and beautiful. Our staff love seeing familiar faces and when the Reception ladies erupt into “Bungalows is number 1…..” one can just feel the love and happiness. Song and dance is so much a part of their lives and often one hears them singing as they go about their day. I think this is what makes Umngazi the very special place it is, the Pondo people want to sing as naturally as they want to breathe.   

The mouth is still open and at times we all look at it and say, it’s going to close, it definitely is going to close and then it stays open….it continues to remind us that we have no control over nature. The Terns disappeared for a few months over Winter but are back again in their same spot. A huge flock have returned, and it seems a lot more than usual. Our rather exciting bit of news is that we have a resident Spotted Eagle Owl which has made its nest in the thatch at the kiddies playground. Not a very peaceful place to make a nest but she seems happy there and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of her owlets.

 We have not seen Rascal, the Spotted Genet, for some time now. We are hoping he will either make an elaborate entrance one evening, or has found a friend and they have eloped somewhere just as beautiful as Umngazi.

As you all start preparing for the end of the year we wish you good luck for the exams, we know some of you are moving towards new and exciting life changing times and we send you all strength and good health for the rest of the year as we enter into Summer.

All our love, Keith & Nicole

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