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Note from Keith & Nicole

Posted on: July 5, 2023, in Latest News

Life seems to move pretty fast these days and if one does not stop and look around once in a while we could miss it – we all need to stop and look around. We are already in July and our days have been chilly but so beautiful. It is a prefect time to slow down and realise there is no perfect time or season but rather a favourite feeling. The other evening I was walking on the beach and it was chilly but just so beautiful – the sea was warm and so was the sand and it was so good to be barefoot on a gorgeous beach that I had all to myself…….well, and all the stunning pieces of driftwood too.

That is the beauty of Umngazi – it allows you to S…L…O….W right down, maybe not slow down on all the gorgeous meals that are on offer, but to slow down so that everything can just catch up with you. We need to give ourselves time to reflect, to spend precious moments with family, to laugh together and to genuinely allow ourselves time to relax. It is a beautiful spot where kids can be kids and to watch them sand boarding, catching fish with their friends, being mesmerised by a bonfire, building forts with all the driftwood on the beach or just the squeals of utter delight when they see the sweetie station for Saturday lunch is always so precious to observe. We need to realise that time is the one object that we don’t have too much control over so maybe we need to see it as a beautiful gift to appreciate and make the most of. 

We hosted a wonderful finish of the 2023 Imana Wild Ride – what a spectacular event and although one is racing the tides it is still a wonderful time to be with family and friends and to experience the unbelievable Wild Coast on a bicycle. Cyclists had gorgeous weather, full rivers, exciting and I dare say some challenging experiences but WOW to see them all finish at Umngazi and bash that gong with a huge grin on their faces, realising that they had completed such an awesome achievement, was inspiring.   

On Father’s Day, we delighted all our dads with a delectable treat of Chilli Chocolate Fudge, lovingly crafted in the Umngazi kitchen. It was a beautiful, leisurely Sunday at Umngazi, filled with cherished family moments and an extra indulgence of our spectacular Sunday lunchtime braai.

We were delighted to receive the news that Umngazi had received, the much sought after, Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice award for 2023. For us this is a wonderful compliment, as it highlights the consistently received positive reviews and high ratings from our guests on Tripadvisor. Our staff certainly try their best, and love welcoming back returning guests, and meeting and making friends with our new guests. 

Come back and visit us soon and we promise to S…L…O….W things down for you all.

Keep warm and be kind

Keith and Nicole

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