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Posted on: August 3, 2017, in Activities, Community, Events, Latest News

We had great fun in warmly welcoming the participants of the 18th Imana Wild Ride at the end of July. The ride started at Morgan Bay and ended at Umngazi. Besides celebrating its’ eighteenth year; the race also celebrated a decade of giving back to the people of the beautiful region through providing improved educational facilities.

Having donated over thirty classrooms to the region since 2006, most of which have been to junior secondary schools, event organisers were excited to announce their first high school being built in the Xhora Mouth Community (this area was found to be the poorest in the country according to the last Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) census) .

From a small event of only two hundred participants and a loyal sponsor in Imana Foods, to be able to build a high school is something of a remarkable achievement.
Event organiser, Steve Stamp, commented as follows; “It has been a humbling experience to be part of the journey the Imana Wild Ride has travelled for the past eighteen years. The response to our goal of organising an event that would make contribution to local communities has been phenomenal. At the 2016 event, I outlined the dream of being able to complete the full education cycle so needed by the Xhora community. To now be able to deliver on a dream with the soon to be opened Bulungula College exceeds our wildest expectations; giving hope to so many in more ways than purely education. It benchmarks what can be achieved when the relatively small field of the Imana Wild Ride stand together and re-invest into the future of our country. To our sponsors, Imana Foods, the many private and corporate donors and the participants, a sincere thank you.”
We congratulate all riders who participated and a special congrats to the winners, Andrew Hill and Warren Price. To our Umngazi Wild Riders team- Justin Mtambeni and Nicole Ntambemki – well done for coming 6th! You made us proud!









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