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High Five for Family Holidays

Posted on: March 19, 2015, in Latest News

An article entitled ‘High five for Family Holidays’ was recently published on Do It Now, an online guide for any adventure seeking South African. The magazine encourages people all over our fine country to get involved in more sport, lifestyle activities and just generally fun stuff. They promote events that go far beyond the realms of an ordinary day out, be it taking to the mountains, crossing deserts or simply travelling to incredible places to embrace the sounds of a festival or race track.
The article, written by Sam Bradley, wonderfully salutes the beauty of a holiday spent creating memories with loved ones, and has featured Umngazi as one of her favourite places to escape to.
“No words can do the location full justice, and the feeling of being totally and wonderfully secluded from the busy world out there is a fabulous feeling indeed.”
The article goes on to turn the cheeks of our entire team a deep shade of red, with compliments stretching across multiple aspects of Umngazi, from the Saturday night seafood feast right down to the spectacular scenery that surrounds us.
“It seems to be just waiting to be explored, and no matter how hard we try it seems we’ll never find all those hidden escapes – but then isn’t that the beauty of it all?”

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