Posted on: June 22, 2018, in Latest News

In celebration of Father’s Day this month, we’ve taken some of Paul Harris’ business tips from a recent article on to bring you something you could call, “What Paul Harris Taught Us About Fatherhood When He Was Trying To Teach Us About Business.” Or simply…
The Five Rules of Fatherhood

  1. “In my opinion, the importance of leaders mentoring emerging talent cannot be over-emphasised.” 

    Children need to be guided and mentored, through personal attention and interaction with those more experienced.

  2. “I believe the role of a leader is not to make good decisions but rather to facilitate good decision-making.” Lead by example and instill the values that will allow children to choose the (your) right path. Don’t stifle; allow your children the agency of free will.

  3. “A leader’s job is to harness the collective wisdom of their team. When they do this the tremendous diversity of people in our organisation becomes a huge asset. For example, there is no more potent combination than grey hair and the exuberance of youth.” 

    In the Amazing Race of life, the more and the wider the range of skills and talents on your team, the better. As they say, “Alone, we go faster. Together, we go further.”

  4. “Autocratic managers do not survive in our culture – I always say that I judge people not on the number of people that they control and have reporting to them, but rather on the number of people they liberate. To be a successful leader in our group you cannot take yourself too seriously or have a big ego.” 

    Paul is one of the most humble men I have met. No titles exist in conversation with him. The father in him shines through as much as, if not more than, the businessman. Ego doesn’t make for a good father. Show your humanity, insecurities and faults and allow your child to show and embrace theirs.

  5. To be the best you have to know your business and your industry better than anyone else. This requires hard work, an enquiring mind and curiosity about your business. 

    Fatherhood might not be about being the best but it is about hard work and is not for the fainthearted. It also requires an enquiring mind, to speak to the curiosity of youth.

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