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Family Friendly Adventures At Umngazi: Making Memories On The Wild Coast

Posted on: August 1, 2023, in Latest News

Going on holiday with a diverse family can be quite a rewarding experience, although it comes with its unique set of considerations. Each family member has their own interests and requirements to ensure a memorable and enjoyable trip. For instance, your 3-year-old may delight in playful and engaging activities, while your 9-year-old seeks thrilling outdoor adventures that challenge them both physically and mentally.

Finding the perfect balance to cater to everyone’s preferences and individual routines can indeed be a bit of a puzzle. But it doesn’t have to be that way. At Umngazi Hotel and Spa, our goal is to craft an unforgettable experience for all, where the young ones can explore and have fun while ensuring relaxation and enjoyment for the parents.

Want to know more about the fun, family-friendly activities that we have available at Umngazi Hotel? Read on for the details.

Enjoy a range of adventurous outdoor activities

Grab a sandboard, a SUP or a kayak from reception and head down to the beach and lagoon area to experience the magic of the Mngazi River and the untouched Wild Coast shores. These sporty activities are perfect for families wanting to enjoy the sunshine, build up a healthy appetite for Umngazi’s all-inclusive meals, and to burn up some energy.

Take a walk or hike and explore together

The Wild Coast is a beautiful part of South Africa with some of the most remote and untouched walking and hiking trails. Whether you want to take the whole family on a quick, educational bird and forest walk, or opt for more of an adventurous outing, like the Mangrove guided hike, Umngazi Hotel has a selection available for the whole family. 

Experience the family-friendly offerings together

At Umngazi Hotel & Spa there are a variety of activities for the whole family to enjoy.  From marshmallow braais, rock pool exploration and magical bonfire evenings surrounded by the iconic sand dunes, these times together will stay etched in everyone’s memories for a lifetime.

Grab a rod and go fishing

Whether you want to do some exciting rock and surf angling or if you’d prefer to relax alongside the river and catch a Perch, the hotel offers awesome fishing opportunities for the whole family to enjoy. There are some rules and regulations to adhere to, so please enquire at reception before heading out. We also have some brilliant Gillies to hire – they are experts on the area and provide great value for avid fishermen. 

Socialise at the kids Pavillion and play area

If you’re all tired out from our range of fun outdoor activities, or if the weather’s looking a little glum, there’s still more for the kids to do (while you get to read a book, catch some z’s, or head to the spa). Umngazi Hotel has a dedicated children’s TV lounge in the Pavilion, where they get to play table tennis, games and enjoy their favourite movies after dinner each evening. There’s also the much-loved ‘Creative Corner’ which offers daily activities and crafts for children under 8. Check out the board at reception for daily updates on the kids’ activities available at the hotel.

Enjoy mealtimes with our family dining options

Our beautiful, on-site, and all-inclusive dining room at the hotel is open for breakfast, lunch and supper (plus two delectable teas are served in between). For families needing more frequent meals, or if they’d just like to sit and enjoy meals without worrying about their children being too noisy, our kids’ dining room is the perfect place to enjoy your meals.

Family-friendly facilities & amenities

At Umngazi Hotel, we have a beautiful swimming pool open to families, as well as a gym and a shop. If you’ve hired a nanny and want to enjoy some alone time, there is an adult TV lounge, Basil’s Bar, and our beautiful spa (a must-visit). 

With so much to do for the whole family, heading to Umngazi Hotel and Spa for your next family holiday is a must. If you’d like to know more about our hidden gem on the Wild Coast, or if you’d like to book, please contact us on +27 (0) 47 564 1115/6/8/9 or email us at

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