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Come And Celebrate At Umngazi Hotel

Posted on: November 2, 2022, in Latest News

Visit untouched beaches, walk along rolling hills, kayak on the majestic Mngazi River, and observe unique flora and fauna. Sip coffee at sunrise and cocktails at sunset. Make new friends. Celebrate old ones. Bask in the sun, and forget to wash the salt out of your hair and the sand off your feet. Eat good food with great people, and, of course, have lots of long, lazy afternoon snoozes. 

Welcome to Umngazi: the hotel where celebration is a way of life. 

Situated on the Wild Coast of South Africa, we invite you to our once-in-a-lifetime hotel. It’s award-winning, off-the-beaten-track, and the perfect place to connect with family and friends. From relaxing to adventuring, Umngazi Hotel and Spa has a little something for everyone, making it the destination of choice for any celebration. Want to know more? Read on for a list of everything we have to offer you and your guests. 


Whether you sit by the pool, take a sunset cruise, or pop in at the bar, evenings at Umngazi can be spent enjoying your choice of wine, spirits, cocktails, or beers with uninterrupted views of the river. The roar of the ocean and the choir of Christmas beetles complement the sound of ice clinking in glasses and the hum of excitable chatter between friends. As the sun dips behind the cow-specked hills, everyone is left feeling warm and tingly after a day of adventuring (or is the 4th Margherita to blame?) 


With a selection of dining options, Umngazi caters to all occasions. The romantic Riverside Gazebo, with its soft lighting and panoramic views, is the ideal exclusive dining venue for couples on honeymoons, babymoons, or proposals and anniversaries. 

Enjoy a leisurely and delicious dinner in the Green Door Wine Cellar, the perfect venue for milestone celebrations. Both venues are able to host up to 12 guests, the cellar is oaky and intimate, with an emphasis on enjoying the finer things in life (like good wine, food, and company). For an exclusive evening at the wine cellar or gazebo, you can enquire at reception upon arrival or discuss it with the hotel when you book your stay.

Family occasions like big birthdays and reunions are best celebrated with a private picnic or bush breakfast. The main dining room offers three meals a day with two teas in between (and spectacular river views). With an emphasis on connectedness, each of the dining spaces encourages quality time with friends and family. This, coupled with delectable, healthy, fresh food, means only one thing: long, lazy meals followed by belly-up siestas. 


Kick off your slops (if you haven’t already), let your hair down, and unwind at Umngazi’s award-winning spa. Offering its visitors a tranquil respite from the blazing African sun, the modest beach-style bungalows at the top of the Umngazi hillside ensures that its guests hear nothing but the whispers of the wind while overlooking the vast Indian Ocean. With the spirit of the spa rooted in relaxation, revitalisation, and rejuvenation, a pre-celebratory massage is a must, no matter the occasion. 

*Please note that the Umngazi Spa uses cruelty-free products such as Africology, Dermalogica, Lilian Terry International, and Environ. 


Adventurous guests can enjoy fishing, hiking, biking, birding, trail running, kayaking, and sandboarding (among other activities) at the hotel. Explore the Mngazana Mangroves, walk along Sugar Loaf Hill, visit Cwebeni Village, or partake in the Port St Johns guided hike. The hotel’s surrounding activities offer breathtaking scenery, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and a chance to connect with nature. So, gather the tribe, pack a picnic, and set out for a day of adventures. 

Family Amenities

Umngazi Hotel & Spa is family-focused, making it the best place to celebrate reunions, birthdays, and other family occasions. There is a kiddies’ restaurant (for children under 12), a kids club for pre-teens to enjoy themselves in a safe environment, and plenty of healthy outdoor activities. There are also nannies on-site to assist you with any babysitting services you require.


With 68 beautifully appointed guest rooms, Umngazi Hotel & Spa offers garden, river, or sea views rooms as well as 9 suites with exclusive access to the Emlonyeni Private Lounge and Pooldeck. The rooms are situated near enough to each other to ensure that you and your friends and family will be close, but private enough for you to get away when you need a break. Each of the spacious sleeping quarters has been designed with tired bodies, sandy feet, and windswept hair in mind, so, as Pumba would say, Hakuna Matata

Relaxed sophistication at its finest, Umngazi Hotel and Spa takes pride in offering its guests the perfect venue for your next celebration. With everything from food, drinks, and activities sorted, all you need to do is book your stay with us. The team is ready to assist you, so please call Umngazi Hotel & Spa at 047-564 1115/6/8/9 or email us at

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