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Boating at Umngazi

Posted on: October 5, 2020, in Activities, Latest News

The last few months at Umngazi have been quiet ones, in every sense. It has given us much time to pause and consider the impact we have on our natural surrounds.

The peacefulness in the valley and the total lack of boating (probably for the first time in decades) has had a profoundly positive effect on our bird and aquatic life. We’ve even had flamingos visit! We have always known that the Umngazi River is a nursery for so many of our coastal saltwater fish species and speed boating on the estuary has long been a contentious issue.

To play our part in a more environmentally-conscious world and to give some peace back to the valley and all its inhabitants and also with a view to limiting wake-damage to the river banks, where much of the aquatic and bird life lives and breeds, we have taken a decision to restrict the use of speedboats of any kind on the estuary.

Guests are very welcome to bring their own boats but with engines no larger than 5hp (preferably electric).

Umngazi will continue to provide Tug20 tender boats for hire; guests will need to bring their own engines.

We have also undertaken to double our count of sit-on-top leisure kayaks and the ferry boat and booze-cruise boat will continue to operate.

We trust that these restrictions will enhance guest experience for the vast majority of our visitors and the well-being of all our valley neighbours.

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