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Biggarsberg Thatchers

Posted on: October 25, 2022, in Latest News

Husband and wife team, John and June Smith, founded Biggarsberg Thatchers in 1996.

Since a very young age, John Smith admired thatch roofs and in later years took his love for these unique types of roofs and built his company based in this sector. Biggarsberg Thatchers consists of a vibrant and well-equipped team, which includes Mr and Mrs Smith’s son, Shaun Smith.

Biggarsberg Thatchers have won numerous local and international awards over the years, from the National Design Awards for ‘Most Aesthetic Design’, ‘Best Structural Design’ to the award presented in 2014 at the International Thatcher’s Society Conference for ‘Best Thatch Roof in the World’. 

In 2019 Biggarsberg Thatchers was again awarded the ‘Best Thatch Roof in the World’ at the 6th General Meeting of the International Thatcher’s Society Conference held in Japan, hosted by the Japan Thatching Cultural Association and attended by 360 delegates from more than 9 countries.

Biggarsberg Thatchers have been awarded these prestigious accolades due to their incredible attention to detail, their high standard of workmanship, highest quality thatch grass, and the best quality poles. They pride themselves on doing exceptional work.

Branch Manager and Project Manager, Shaun Smith oversees all the routine maintenance of the roofs and the combing and rethatching of roofs at Umngazi Hotel & Spa, assisted by Site Supervisor, Sizwe Ngcobo and his team of 7 thatchers.

Biggarsberg Thatchers clearly have a formidable team that does not only deliver exceptional service and quality, but a friendly, passionate, tailor-made approach to thatching.

Shaun Smith – 083 635 8746

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