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A man with heart and sole – Paul Ucheck

Posted on: November 26, 2014, in Latest News

A man with heart and sole – Paul Ucheck

A terrifying reality for many, Cancer is the number one killer in the world – more people die from Cancer than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. It is for this reason that Paul Ucheck, a inspiring man that Umngazi was ever so privileged to recently meet and host, is walking barefoot for Cancer Awareness.
“I am concerned about all cancers but because breast cancer has struck twice in my immediate family and because one in twenty nine ladies in this country develop it, I’m concentrating my efforts there.”
Paul lost his wife to cancer before his daughter was also diagnosed. Detected early, she has now been successfully treated and “will survive because early detection is key to survival’, says Paul. In an effort to implement his very own healing process and bring about even the smallest amount of awareness, Ucheck has taken on the challenge of a barefoot marathon, from Cape Town’s waterfront to sunny Durban.
“My feet are surviving and every day they continue to massage my soul and I feel great!”
Supported by Cancer.vive, Paul is donating all money received to this incredible organisation. Be sure to visit for the full story, or you can make contact with Paul Ucheck by phoning him on 0823160896.
If you are as moved by this heartstring-pulling tale, you can text Paul to 42356 and make a R30 donation to the cause.

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