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Posted on: August 17, 2015, in IN THE PRESS

Sawubona is not only South African Airways’ official in-flight magazine, but an amazing space to find your name in the world of travel.
“Through rich and vibrant content, covering an inspiring array of travel, business and lifestyle articles, it highlights the best of South Africa and the continent. It is a platform that supports SAA’s mission of bringing the world to Africa and taking Africa to the world.”
In a ‘what’s-hot-style article, Sawubona gives praise to all that we take pride in.
“Situated on a gorgeous lagoon and surrounded by miles and miles of pristine beach – there is so much to do at this remote getaway. There’s a rigorous kid’s programme for children of all ages – whether it’s boarding down the sand dunes, going on nature walks or doing arts and crafts. There are also nannies to take care of the babies and little ones, meaning that mom and dad can get some time out and maybe spend a few hours at the Umngazi Spa.”
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