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Warmth In Words

Posted on: December 17, 2014, in Guest Review

Moved by the experiences shared with our many guests, Umngazi proves to be an adventure, whether you are a visitor or a part of our ever-growing family. There is nothing quite like receiving a wholesome sense of appreciation for something you are so very passionate about.
 “From spectacular views to out of this world food. This place has it all.”
In our little corner, every so often we are fortunate enough to indulge in a post that simply gives praise for what we do and what we aim to give – a holiday, a weekend, or even a moment.
We were treated like royalty during the entire stay.”
It is not simply about providing a holiday for us, but entirely about the experience we provide for each and every one of our guests, and we are humbled to know that the small things we do go so very far.
“Never in our lives have we experienced such great hospitality and friendliness.”
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