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Review by Alison Stewart from

Posted on: September 1, 2014, in Guest Review

Review by Alison Stewart from

There is nothing more rewarding than reading something that echo’s the very opinions and standard that built the resort that stands today – except when what you’re reading was so graciously put to paper by guests themselves!
‘Heavenly Hideaway’
“The western sky floods crimson, as we relax on the deck of Ntabeni, our luxury spa bungalow with sweeping views of sea, beach and river estuary. We’re in the heart of Pondoland on the subtropical Wild Coast, one of South Africa’s unspoiled areas, five hours’ drive from Durban.”
“Below us, the broad Umngazi estuary glistens and across the river, children surf the giant sand dunes while Nguni cattle plod homewards.”
“We’re beyond relaxed from our late afternoon couples’ massage with spa and champagne, so it’s no wonder we’re lolling stupidly on Ntabeni’s sun loungers, with a cheese platter and yes, another bottle of something delicious.
But the motto of this place goes something like: “Don’t worry about tomorrow – shoes optional.” We’re happy to oblige.”
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