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Umngazi Hotel & Spa Unique Dining Venues

Posted on: February 25, 2022, in Activities, DID YOU KNOW, Latest News

We offer two very unique and intimate private dining venues for special occasions and celebrations at Umngazi Hotel & Spa. We have the Green Door Wine Cellar and the Riverside Gazebo which are perfect for a small group of friends and family, or a private dinner with your partner or loved one. The Green Door Cellar and Riverside Gazebo are major attractions for a lot of our guests and our return guests are known to book a unique dining experience for every visit. They cater for children on request and the menus are updated regularly with fresh and local ingredients when available. Our wine menu is ever-expanding and we love introducing new finds to our parings and tastings for all to enjoy.

Our Riverside Gazebo offers a gorgeous outdoor dining experience, it is set on stilts, submerged in the river with wraparound windows, offering one of the more captivating and panoramic views at Umngazi. Soft lighting and the calm sounds of the river set the tone for a beautifully tranquil dining experience that one will never forget. We highly recommend our Riverside Gazebo for a romantic dinner or marriage proposal. 

The Green Door wine cellar is perfect for guests looking to indulge in private intimacy and an experience for your sensations. Our leisurely tastings offer an explosion of flavours, paired with a variety of delicious wines, offering you a unique and unforgettable dining experience. Celebrate a special occasion with an exclusive evening in the Green Door Wine Cellar with those you love and to treat your pallet.

How did The Green Door Cellar get its name?

Our wines are stored in our “Green Door Cellar” because the founders of the original Umngazi River Bungalows had their own “illegal” supply of alcohol before they acquired a liquor licence. Basil Leach, the owner of Umngazi River Bungalows, used to store his “illegal” liquor in a room with a green door and whenever guests ran short or wanted to buy from Basil, they would meet behind the “green door” and a discreet transaction would take place. The actual door into the “Green Door Wine Cellar” is made from the Yellowwood counter from the old Umngazi trading store, a beautiful reminder of where Umngazi Hotel & Spa started. 

Both venues are exclusive and serve a delicious and varied three-course menu with an award-winning wine list. Your evening will comprise of you and your guests and your dedicated waiter who will take great care of you. Your waiter will have extensive knowledge of the wines offered and your meal offerings. The venues cater for a maximum of twelve guests and is transformed according to the number of people attending. 

Our private dining venues need to be booked in advance and if you have any special dietary requirements, please let reception know so that we can cater accordingly. They are very popular for romantic evenings and birthdays, however, there is no harm in booking just because you want to spoil yourself. 

For more information, please email our reservations team directly at or call the hotel on 047-564 1115/6/8/9.

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