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Wellness & Wellbeing: Nurturing The Mind, Body And Soul At Umngazi Hotel & Spa

Posted on: November 1, 2023, in Latest News

Wellness & Wellbeing: Nurturing The Mind, Body And Soul At Umngazi Hotel & Spa


Welcome to Umngazi Hotel and Spa, a place where time stands still. Where there is so much to do but nothing you need to do. A place to step away from the hustle and bustle, to escape the busyness of everyday life. To disconnect from your devices and reconnect with loved ones. To turn off the TV and turn on your senses. And to breathe in fresh, coastal air and breathe out all of your worries. 


As the end of 2023 slowly creeps up on us, it’s time to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing, and there’s no better place to do this than at our beautiful, off-the-beaten-tracks hotel on the Wild Coast of South Africa. 


If you’re looking for a revitalising holiday destination, read on for 5 of the best activities you can enjoy at Umngazi that are sure to nurture your mind, body and soul in preparation for a wonderful 2024. 


The pool deck at Emlonyeni private lounge


1 | Put your feet up


Lie on the beach, on your bed, or by the pool. Umngazi Hotel & Spa is made up of beautiful, relaxing spaces that invite you to lie back, book in hand. And, for those chilly days and evenings, there is a fire going in the communal lounge. No matter the weather, we’ve got a place for you to relax and completely unwind. 


2 | Connect with loved ones 


Spending time with the people you love is always time well spent. Whether you choose to meet up on the beach, at the bar, by the pool, on a sunset cruise, or over your all-inclusive meals on the outside dining deck, you’ll find that each of Umngazi’s social spaces are designed with connection in mind. Connection to friends and family, as well as the beautiful environment around you. For group bookings, or special occasions, contact us at  

3 | Get active


Hiking, running, walking, SUPing, kayaking, rock pool exploring, sandboarding and swimming are just a few of the endorphin-releasing activities we offer at the hotel. Not only do you reap the benefits of exercising, but you get to do it in one of the most beautiful, untouched places on earth. The breathtaking views, crystal clear waters, and incredible flora and fauna are just a few of the reasons you should pack your active wear for your trip to Umngazi. 


P.S. If you’re not sure what you should be packing, check out our list of essentials here

4 | Chill at the spa 


Set high up on the hillside, the Umngazi Spa is an absolute must-visit for its views, ambience and incredible treatments. Set aside a few hours to enjoy unparalleled pampering in the peaceful thatched treatment rooms overlooking the Indian Ocean and Mngazi River. For the ultimate relaxation, book a spa package for you and your loved one, or get the girls together for a mani and pedi (and a bottle of champagne, of course). 

5 | Spend time in nature


The beauty of Umngazi Hotel and Spa is that it’s off the beaten path. This means that the surrounding environment is absolutely untouched, making space for an abundance of birds and wildlife. Whether you want to spend the day fishing, birding, or just enjoying the unique wild cows lazing on the beach, you’re bound to find healing in the slow pace of life, and the natural ecosystem that surrounds you. 



It’s time to clear your calendar because your mind, body and soul need a break. Let the sun kiss your skin and the salty sea breeze blow through your hair. Read your favourite book by the pool. Spend a day at the spa. Eat good food. Enjoy a glass of wine with close friends. Take a hike. Or just enjoy a long afternoon siesta. Whatever activity you choose to do at Umngazi Hotel and Spa, you’ll feel revitalised and refreshed for whatever the new year has in store for you. 


For any queries or to book your stay with us, please email us at or call us on 047-564 1115/6/8/9. We look forward to spoiling you.

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