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Top 10 Experiences at Umngazi Hotel & Spa

Posted on: August 8, 2022, in Latest News

When it comes to deciding on your next holiday, you will find no shortage of unique experiences to be enjoyed at Umngazi. Most of our experiences are aimed at allowing guests to relish the beauty of the nature and culture that surrounds them while helping them to truly relax and unwind. If you are wondering which experiences to choose from, these are our top 10 that are not to be missed!

Couple Beach Picnic

1. Beach Picnic

If you want to spend the day basking in the sun on the beach or wandering where nature leads you, we will prepare a beautifully crafted picnic basket with fresh and decadent snacks to nourish you along the way. There are several scenic locations with breathtaking views where you can pause to take in the outdoors and enjoy your picnic. Please note that an additional charge does apply to our picnic baskets.

Waterside Gazebo

2. Private Dining in the Green Door Wine Cellar or Riverside Gazebo

Celebrate a special occasion in our private dining venues, which provide an intimate dining experience for a small group of friends and family or a private dinner with your loved one. The Riverside Gazebo is set on stilts in the river with wraparound windows that offer spectacular, unobstructed views. The soothing sounds of the river and soft lighting set the tone for a tranquil outdoor dining experience.

The Green Door Wine Cellar is ideal for cosy and intimate dining. Indulge in a leisurely tasting with delectable flavours paired with a selection of wines to dazzle your palate. The Green Door Wine Cellar is perfect for guests who would like to celebrate a special occasion in an exclusive and warm setting.

Both venues need to be booked in advance and can cater for groups of up to twelve guests. You will have a dedicated waiter for the evening, who will serve you a three-course meal with an award-winning wine list. If you have special dietary requirements or would like a child-friendly menu, please let reception know when you book.

River Cruise

3. Afternoon River Cruise

End the day on a high note with a beautiful meander up the Mngazi River on a sunset cruise. This river cruise is a favourite among guests and is a magnificent way to watch the sunset with tasty beverages and snacks. In summer, the cruise begins at 5 pm and 4 pm in winter. Please remember to book your spot at reception as there is a maximum of 19 pax per cruise.

Kayaking on river

4. Mngazana Mangrove Hike

The Mngazana estuary is home to one of the few remaining pristine mangrove forests along the South African coastline. Mangroves are unique ecosystems where plant and animal life have adapted to living in a semi-saline environment. You will get to explore this unique ecosystem where three species of mangrove grow – the White mangrove, the Black mangrove and the Red Mangrove.

This three and a half hour guided hike is a fascinating experience for young and old. You will experience the Mngazana Mangrove, the third largest forest in South Africa and embark on a leisurely kayak trip through the swamps to the Mngazana River Mouth. From here, you will return to the hotel along the beach, over Flat Rock and be back in time for a well-deserved mid-morning tea and coffee treat. Please remember to book your hike at reception the day before.

Women swimming in rock pool

5. Mermaid’s Pool

Mermaid’s Pool is our secret and what a beautiful, peaceful spot it is. On a gorgeous hot day, when the tide is coming in, one can spend hours wallowing in the tidal pool. We recommend that you explore the rocks around the pool and find the beautiful, hidden, deep, warm rock pools. It is a short hike to get there – pack a few cold drinks and a camera, as there are some gorgeous photo opportunities.

Women having massage in a spa

6. Spa Experience

Located high on the Umngazi hillside with magnificent views, our spa offers guests a relaxing and tranquil experience like no other! Our professional therapists will lavish you with rejuvenating treatments and therapies to refresh your body in a serene setting. Please enquire at reception to make your booking.

7. Saturday Seafood Extravaganza with Umngazi Choir

A highlight for our guests is our delightful seafood feasts on Saturday evenings. These feasts showcase flavoursome cuisine and vibrant Pondo culture. Guests are served a succulent selection of fish, shellfish, carvery, home-baked bread, fresh salad and wholesome soups, set to a rhythmic cultural performance by the Umngazi Choir.

Nguni Cows on Beach

8. Nguni’s Chilling on the Beach

An incredibly unique experience along the Wild Coast is to witness the majestic Nguni cattle enjoying the beautiful stretches of beach. These animals are very chilled and can be seen almost daily at Umngazi. They love going onto the beach to escape the ticks in the grass and to feel the coolness of the sand on their bellies.

It is a treat to watch them in the morning, slowly marching together to the beach to soak up the warm sunshine and then heading back ‘home’ at the end of another glorious day. Other residents you may spot on the Umngazi beach are donkeys, which is another unique experience.

9. Unique Umngazi Hospitality

We take an active role in making a difference in the lives of the surrounding community. Many of the employees at the hotel are from the community, and they take pride in offering guests an unforgettable experience with warm hospitality.

At Umngazi, the accent is on personal service, and the welcome and warmth you receive at the hotel is a testament to this. One of our guests recently commented that Umngazi has the right balance of comfort and attentiveness, making it a unique experience.

Night Sky

10. The Umngazi Bar

Umngazi Hotel & Spa boasts an award-winning and varied wine list, catering for all tastes and budgets. Combined with the magnificent, clear night skies exploding with stars, we find our guests love the opportunity to take time to slow down and appreciate the beauty around them.

If you would like to leave your mark at Umngazi, The Umngazi Shooter Challenge is one way that you can! The famous shooter challenge is hosted at our bar, and the brave guests who manage to complete it can write their names on the Umngazi wall. Please enquire at the bar if you wish to participate.

These experiences you have while staying at the hotel will leave a lifetime impression. Umngazi is a special haven, allowing you to escape the world and be 100% carefree. We highly recommend these top 10 experiences designed to delight our guests, and we have no doubt you will be adding a few more to the list. We hope to see you soon and look forward to having you stay with us. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email our reservations team directly at or call the hotel on 047-564 1115/6/8/9.

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