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Guest Feedback

Pumzo& Andiswa Kamba DECEMBER 2013 Dear Charmaine,

Compliments of the New Year to you! Thank you for your email - yes we are keeping well.

We had an awesome stay & a memorable Christmas as a family, all thanks to the Umngazi A Team... genuinely friendly staff that want to please guests - from the first encounter with Simbo on making our booking to Lindiwe checking us in, to you Charmaine for all you help, friendliness & assistance, consistently delightful culinary spreads by JJ and the kitchen staff (we are still paying dearly for the death by chocolate dessert buffet at the gym), the ever-accommodating serving dining&bar staff - especially Kazi&Aubrey, the creative entertainment staff, the charming Nico & volunteer babysitters...from staff to guests alike, we were never left wanting!

Your establishment truly delivers on its promise of leaving as friends & we cant wait to see you all in December again! We have taken the liberty of sharing some photos that epitomise our stay...hope you enjoy them!

Warmest Regards, Pumzo& Andiswa Kamba
Benita and Werner Stemmet AUGUST 2013 Good Day,

We were at Umngazi for our honeymoon recently and we met Charmaine Pearson. What a great, loving and helpful person she is.

We thought you should just know what a great time we had at Umngazi and will surely be joining you guys there again soon!

Kind Regards,

Benita & Werner Stemmet
Sharon and Family AUGUST 2013 Good Morning Charmaine

We SOOOOOO love Umngazi and will definitely be back (Just have to do some
Saving first ).

Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Kind regards

Clare Loveday JUNE 2013 Dear Charmaine

In JUNE, my husband and I brought my mother to Umngazi to celebrate her 80th birthday. Everyone at Umngazi made it a very special time, from helping us with our requests (a little bottle of bubbly, a birthday cake and much muddling about a suitable room) to considerable efforts on your side (a gloriously huge bottle of bubbly from you all, a rousing singing of Happy Birthday, the incredible kindness of all the staff). You put her in the perfect room - she was just thrilled - and we thought we had the best room in the whole resort, right on the river.

All in all, you made our stay very special indeed. My mother felt spoilt and indulged and it has given her many happy stories to tell. Please pass on my sincere thanks to everyone at Umngazi.

All best
Clare Loveday
Lilian,Doug and Sarah JUNE 2013 My dear Charmaine

Our stay at Umngazi was so so so fantastic. Cant wait to return. SARAH WANTS TO STAY FOREVER. Regards Lilian Doug and Sarah.
John and Sharon JUNE 2013 Hi Louise,

Thank you for the e-mail. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay there and we will be back. We were last at Umngazi some seven years ago and I can assure you thatthere is not been the slightest drop in standards.

The resort has grown enormously since we were first there back in the 1980s but you havesuccessfully retained a personal touch. Pat Goss should be proud of his staff and the resort as a whole.
Thank you,
John and Sharon
Phox and Carleigh Borrowdale JUNE 2013 Hi Umngazi team,

I just wanted to email and thank you for your outstanding hospitality during our recent visit to Umngazi.

We have stayed at Umngazi once before and naturally had a great time so this year we decided to save up and treat ourselves for our first wedding anniversary and for my husbands 30th Birthday. We are also expecting a baby in September so we thought it would be nice to have a proper holiday before then.

I just really wanted to thank everyone at Umngazi for their thoughtfulness and excellent service!

Thank you, thank you!

We hope to visit again very soon and to make use of your excellent babysitting services next time too!!

Phox and Carleigh Borrowdale
Mike and Dawn Little JUNE 2013 Hi Louise,

We had a wonderful week this time at Umngazi. Fifth time we have been there (including our honeymoon 15 years ago) J. We had booked with the Ilanga package, and were delighted by the surprise gifts in our chalet. We had been looking for baskets to buy, so getting the lovely Pondo basket you gave us was ‘perfect’. The spa was amazing, and Dawn spent a number of chilled out hours there. The view alone from the spa is enough to take off years of stress.

Your staff are the best. Kevin on the Sundowner cruise is a real showman, and miraculously managed to get a rather stiff and lethargic bunch of city slickers to respond and actually come to life and to sing and laugh. His ‘pet’ Fish Eagles are amazing. I have one cherished photo.

All the recent improvements have been well worth every cent invested. Umngazi has blossomed over the years out of its proud and rich origins to take its place alongside the best Africa has to offer (if not THE best) as a modern, affordable resort with a delicate blend of genuine indigenous delights and luxurious comforts.

We got to know our guide, Freedom, quite well, while paddling through the mangroves, walking along miles of deserted beaches and climbing steep cliffs on the hike to Port St Johns. He was a tonic of cheerfulness and interesting information.

Thank you all so much for bringing serenity, exquisite food and the invigorating, unspoilt beauty of creation on the wild coast, back into our lives for a while. Please be assured we will be seeing you again, and kindly assure your staff they are doing a wonderful job in helping us to claw back our sanity for a while. Sometimes we fail to express our gratitude adequately to them. It is also nice to know that the resort, and our visits help contribute to the upliftment of the local people and the economy in the area.

Kind Regards,
Mike and Dawn Little.
Jenny Davies JUNE 2013 Dear Pat,

My daughter, Jean, and husband, Simon Welsh, gave me this 'fly-in package' because I have had a tough year health-wise and I cannot imagine having a better treat than Umngazi. (Incidentally, they have been here every year since 2006). We went yesterday and I was able to hear Kevin calling up the fish eagle to do its thing. So exciting and so beautiful on a perfect evening.

I want to commend you for the excellence I have seen in every department of Umngazi River Bungalows. No wonder your guests keep on coming back! Apart from theattractive buildings, the food is 6-star and the staff unfailingly helpful.

God bless you with all that you have done to make this such anexciting enterprise! Visiting here has been one of the best things I have ever done!

Jenny Davies
Frans,Mariaan and Marthinus Groenewald MAY 2013 Hi to all at Umngazi

We are back at home and time is running away with us again... but I would like to thank you for an amazing start to our holiday. I must compliment you on every little detail at Umngazi.
Being a Restaurant owner we know how hard it is to please everyone but you guys definitely do!!!!!!!

Having a soft spot for the kitchen, I would like to thank every staff member in the kitchen for the 5kg we picked up being there.

If you ever come past Gabrielskloof wine farm in the Overberg, Western Cape, please pop in. We are family know!!!!!

Many thanks and we will book soon for next year.

Frans, Mariaan and Marthinus Groenewald
Ruan MAY 2013 Dear Charmaine,

It was fantastic! The staff was excellent and we loved the community focus that the organization have. A memorable experience from all the friendly faces which will never be forgotten! Trust that we will be back!
Take care,
Jackie Haskell APRIL 2013 Hi Umngazi Team

What a fabulous holiday I enjoyed at Umngazi over the Easter period with friends. The flights were perfect ...JJ's menu just right ...and relaxed ambience exactly what I needed. Thank you all for your part in making my annual trip to Umngazi the highlight of my year.

A great team effort.

Looking forward to my next visit in 2014.

Many thanks

Jackie Haskell
Sharon and Family MARCH 2013 Good Morning Charmaine We SOOOOOO love Umngazi and will definitely be back! (Just have to do some
Saving first).

Thank you for a wonderful stay.

Kind regards

Sharon and Family
Kerry and Anton Nieuwoudt JANUARY 2013 Hi Charmaine,

Words cannot express our gratitude and the delight every day brought at your lovely establishment. From the lovely views to the beautiful decor, the scrumptious meals and the warm, friendly and very helpful staff. Umngazi is tops.

Lots of love,

Kerry and Anton Nieuwoudt

Inkungu Lodge and At Northcrest Manor B&B Central Drakensberg and Durban North
Joyce Kriel 2013 Dear Charmaine

It was an excellent holiday, we really enjoyed it very much. Thanks so much for the hospitality we received from everyone, we cannot praise you guys enough. Cape Town is cold, we miss your warm weather very much!


Joyce Kriel
Carole Taylor MARCH 2012 Hi Charmaine,

Thank you for your email and indeed we thank you and your team for another wonderful stay at Umngazi. We travelled home in absolutely torrential rain and saw many accidents but got home safe and sound just to dream for another year until we come again!

Thanks again for the lovely surprise of wine in our room and for your good wishes for our 47th anniversary and the Champers we enjoyed. Who knows we could even have our 50th there in a couple of years !!! Much love to all,


Please extend thanks to the Walkers as well x
Martin & Hazel Adams FEBRUARY 2012 Dear Charmaine

We’re home safely. Getting back into work “gear” after such a relaxing holiday has it’s moments! Thanks to each member of the Umngazi staff.

Martin and Hazel Adams
Garth & Linda Kumm FEBRUARY 2012 Hi Charmaine

Wow yes indeed we cant stop sharing the experience with all our mates and look very forward to coming back to Umngazi in the not to distant future. It was a few days that we really enjoyed and were made to feel like the King and Queen of the Umngazi River and would again like to send a very special thanks to the management and staff at your establishment.

Our 10th anniversary will be one for the books and the memory of celebrating it at Umngazi will forever be special.


Kind Regards

Garth & Linda Kumm
Eric & Mathilda
du Preez
FEBRUARY 2012 Just a short word to say thanks for the special few days we spent at Umngazi.

The valentyns special really was a pleasant surprise. The new chef has added a very nice touch to an already well know and excellent cuisine, like his touch cooking outside. To all the staff, management down out sincere thanks for a nice comfortable stay

Kind Regards

Eric and Mathilda du Preez
Mills Family JANUARY 2012 Good Day Michelle and Graham

We all would like to say a huge "Thank You" to you and all the staff at Umngazi for the wonderful 12 days just spent there. It was all and more to what we expected.

Wendy our room lady, all the girls at the spa, Captain Kevin, and the staff that took care of the children's entertainment, not to forget Maureen in the children's diningroom, and last but not least the delicious food.

Wishing you a successful Indaba, and do hope we will see you all next year.

Apologies I have attached this form that I omitted to leave at reception.

Take care

The Mills family
Steve & Shan Stamp JANUARY 2012 Dear Umngazi team

Thought you’d all like to know that Steve’s 4 day pre-Dusi training camp with you paid off handsomely – he not only managed to keep up with our racing snake son in fairly fine style, but they also won the father son trophy and they finished 49th overall– a silver medal! A very exciting time for us all.

I hope that you received our mail of thanks, but in case you didn’t, thank you once again for spoiling us so and for making us feel so special. We had a wonderful time.

Kind regards Shan
Danie Dekker & family NOVEMBER 2011 Dear Graham, Michele, Anthony and Louise,

Here is our new man , Sam Daniel Dekker with his Umngazi clothes on . He is now 5 weeks old and doing well. Thank you again for the gift and the nice time we always have at Umngazi.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to make the trip down this year, because we could not get a spot in December or Jan. With our eldest in grade 2 we are not able to take her out in NOVEMBER.

We will off course keep trying, hopefully someone forgets to pay their deposit. Regards

Danie Dekker