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At present we are assisting 4 schools in the area with various projects. Two schools are Section 20 and two Section 21 schools – this means that they are partially funded by with Department of Education and therefore have great needs. In the past year we have assisted these 4 schools in various building projects, adding store rooms and facilities, as well as hosting sporting events and sponsoring 14 student teachers for the month of August 2011 from UKZN. Our stationary drive managed to raise R25’000 enabling us to purchase 1000 stationary packs. Should you be interested in our FRIENDS OF UMNGAZI fund – please contact Michele on

We thank guests who have got involved in the My School Programme and linked their Woolworths cards to our Umngazi Valley Schools, namely:

  • Vukandlule Junior Secondary School
  • Cwebeni Junior Secondary School
  • Sicambeni Junior Secondary School

Note that you can support the schools by linking your Woolworths card to MySchool and every time you swipe your card; 1% of your purchase will go to your nominated school. You can nominate up to three schools.

Go onto to register. And click on one or more of our schools as above.

Your on-going support and love of our special valley is so appreciated.
We thank you in advance for your generosity and spirit!


Ikhwezi Lokusa Rehab centre is based in Mthatha and was founded in October 1972.
It is a centre for physically and mentally disabled youngsters that are given a chance to reach their full potential in areas of creativity.

The four existing workshops are pottery, sewing, arts, crafts and leatherwork.
There are 15 trainees in the pottery workshop. The trainer is a specialist in this field and a professional fine artist.
The youngsters are encouraged to be creative as it is a method of expressing one’s feelings and emotions. Through this training programme they will receive certification from Walter Sisulu University of Technology.
You can view some of their pottery on sale in the Umngazi shop.
Ikhwezi also looks after approx 70 children from birth to 6 years. These children have been abandoned for one reason or another.


This Umngazi project was introduced in the winter of 2005. Many guests have contributed to the knitting of squares that are then sewn together to make blankets for the needy children in the community. The guests enjoy chatting next to a log fire and at the same time are making a difference to some children’s lives.
Community knitting projects are also held in the Church on Thursday evenings. Ladies are given knitting lessons & have created various items which are in turn sold in the Umngazi shop.


These are based on the beach side of Umngazi. You can hire them for a nominal rate and all proceeds go to the community.


Local produce (fruit & veg) is purchased from the locals. Over R2000 per week is paid to the neighboring village ladies who grow and sell us local produce.


The Cwebeni trust with the assistance of PicknPay have resurrected the amazing Honey Project. Honey is taken from the trunks of the black mangrove trees in the Umngazama River and the Cwebeni village benefits directly from this project. You are able to purchase the honey from our shop and visit the project on one of our walks.