Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa is actively involved in making a difference.
Below are some of the community upliftment projects social programs the resort participates in.


Umngazi provides learning oppurtunities to people in the poorer communities, training and development of staff for future leadership positions.

A group of employees have taken it upon themselves to make a difference in the lives of the staff at Umngazi (HIV training).


Umngazi facilitates a Gilly service (paid a daily or hourly rate by guest) - the gillies assist guests and their children with fishing excursions on the river banks and on the beach and rocky outcrops in the area. The hotel supplies meals, uniforms (shorts, shirts and hats) and name badges. One such an excursion is to a nearby fishing spot called Brazen Head for an overnight stay, where car guards are employed as well as wood gatherers and porters from the village at Brazen Head


The nannies assist guests on a daily or hourly basis. They offer assistance as baby sitters or helping with bath and mealtimes. Umngazi manages their rosters, supplies uniforms, name badges & rate charged to guest includes a meal per shift.


The hikes and walks (activities offered to guests) afford the River-Guides(s) employment in the area. The Mangrove Swamp hike is to the next valley, where the River Guides from the Umgazana valley take over from our guide(s) and canoe the guests through the swamp, from where they walk back to the hotel along the beach.
The River-Rangers also offer fly-fishing assistance to guests. Umngazi facilitates the booking process & collects the fees which are paid to the River Guides.


One of the walks is to have Tea with Alice in the Village - a separate walk for children for Tea with Alice is also done. Here a local villager is assisted with implements and ingredients to offer tea to guests after a hike to her house in the village across the river.


Another excursion is a River Breakfast up-river on the banks of the Umngazi River, where the Cwebeni Village assisted with allowing the use of their land to create an area where guests are taken by boat and treated to a cooked breakfast on the river bank, in an encampment cleared and equipped.


We host an annual Pondo Pedal mountain bike race in June to raise funds for the surrounding schools in the area. We also employ cyclist guides who have had the opportunity of participating in annual sponsored cycle races namely - The Imana Wild Ride, Cape Argus Race and Barberton Race.