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Umngazi guest tales from the 1960s

Umngazi guest tales from the 1960’s

Dear Umngazi, I used to go to Umngazi regularly in August as a small boy; my late Dad was a keen fisherman.  My whole family have the fondest and happiest memories of those days at Umngazi in the 1960’s – very much the Basil Leach era. I spent last weekend there with family and friends celebrating … Read More


We’ve substituted our usual #WindDownWednesday of spa promos for a far more fruity story… “Story Teller is my name, and racon-touring is my game” are the words of well-known nature and environmental writer David Bristow. For many years Bristol has travelled across Africa in a tale of discovery, and his journey is far from the end. … Read More

Feedback that never gets old

There is an amazing quote by Mother Teresa that says, “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” However, what we do know is that every bit of positivity we receive back from clients does the entire Umngazi team a world of good. Thank you for the compliments, thank you … Read More
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Oyster Box Hotel : Wayne Coetzer

Straight from the Hotelier’s mouth! Wayne Coetzer, the General Manager of the Oyster Box Hotel in Umhlanga was asked what his favourite vacation place outside KZN was and this was his answer… “In South Africa: Umngazi River Bungalows is hard to beat with two boys. Easy access for Virginia Airport, delicious food and great fishing!” … Read More

David’s Been Here

“David’s Been Here is touring all the top destinations and best stays in South Africa. In this video, David brings us to the Wild Coast on South Africa’s Eastern Cape, where we visit the Umngazi River Bungalows. A 69-bedroom resort and spa, this incredible stay predominately caters to families and couples, with a huge range … Read More

Warmth in words

Moved by the experiences shared with our many guests, Umngazi proves to be an adventure, whether you are a visitor or a part of our ever-growing family. There is nothing quite like receiving a wholesome sense of appreciation for something you are so very passionate about.  “From spectacular views to out of this world food. … Read More

Review by Keri Bainborough from midlandsmusings

Family and friends gathering, ear-to-ear smiles and a first kiss shared between a newlywed couple are some of the few drops in the downpour of magic moments at Umngazi. It is amazing to be a part of something so special, but to know that the place we call home is the start to so many … Read More

Review by Character Stays

Review by CharacterStays The Wild Coast, as well as its inhabitants, has given a great deal to Umngazi and thus it seems only fair that a constant effort is made to giving back. Our efforts are not put in place for the sake of recognition, however it would simply be rude to ignore compliments filled … Read More

Review by David Rodgers

Review by David Rodgers With R&R around every corner, it seems close to impossible to tear yourself away from spa treatments, lounging in the sun or even dozing off on the deck of a bungalow sporting indescribable scenery – except at Umngazi, where relaxation meets adventure. ‘Umngazi’s Wild Magic’ “Wildly undulating mountain bike rides, steep … Read More

Review from the travelling snob

Review from thetravellingsnob It brings great pleasure to be able to say that at Umngazi, we pride ourselves on ensuring all expectations and needs are met, including those of every member of our Umngazi family, but to receive such accolade from ‘the travelling snob’ himself, is simply invigorating! ‘Wild Coast Wonderful’ “… from the moment … Read More

Review by Alison Stewart from

Review by Alison Stewart from There is nothing more rewarding than reading something that echo’s the very opinions and standard that built the resort that stands today – except when what you’re reading was so graciously put to paper by guests themselves! ‘Heavenly Hideaway’ “The western sky floods crimson, as we relax on the … Read More
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