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Umngazi Fish curry

Ingredients: 2kg Fresh fish cubes about 2cm squared 2 cups White bread flour 2 onions finely chopped 5cm fresh ginger finely chopped 1 House garlic finely chopped 2 fresh green chilies finely chopped 2 tins 400gr Tomato & Onion Mix 1 tablespoon roasted coriander seeds crushed 2 tablespoon cumin powder 2 tablespoon turmeric Powder 2 tablespoon Robertson’s Fish Spice 3 Tablespoon curry paste from the bottle ( Foodies Indian Korma Paste) Olive Oil Cooking Oil for Frying 1 Handful chopped coriander Salt and black pepper to taste Method: Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to your pot and heat.… Read the rest

Roast beetroot, baby spinach and red onion salad with almonds

Ingredients:  8 large beetroot  peeled and cut into wedges 2 large red onions  – peeled and cut into wedges  (can leave out) 2 tablespoons olive oil handful  raw whole almonds  -roasted  sun dried tomatoes  baby spinach leaves and other interesting salad leaves goats cheese or feta cheese  
Dressing: 3 tablespoon olive oil 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar  
Method:  Turn oven onto 200˚C Peel and cut the beetroot into wedges and the red onions  (or leave onion out) Place the beetroot and onions and 2 tablespoon olive oil  into roasting pan and sprinkle with sea salt and black pepper Toss together Roast in the oven at 200˚C for about 40 minutes Toss from time to time until tender Take a frying pan and dry fry the almonds until a little golden and toasted Take the roasted vegetables out and put into a large salad bowl  – let cool and add  raw baby spinach leaves and the sun dried tomatoes (sliced) Mix together gently Slice the goats cheese or feta  and place on the top Dress with the olive oil and balsamic vinegar before serving and add the roasted nuts… Read the rest

Poached pears in red wine and cinnamon

Ingredients:  Peeled firm fresh pears – not too soft Enough red wine to cover the pears About 1 cup of  white sugar  (ratio of wine to sugar 3 : 1 ) 2 cinnamon stick A few cloves Pinch all spice Star anise ( if you have) Method:  Peel the pears leaving the stalk on the pear Pour the wine into a saucepan large enough to hold the pears in a single layer Add the sugar and the spices and stir over moderate heat until the sugar has dissolved.… Read the rest

Celebrate National Milk Tart Day with this delicious Umngazi Milk Tart Recipe!

This is an easy and tasty pudding  – but make in advance to have time to set Ingredients:  Tennis biscuits – crushed  (use 1/2 packet) 3 TABLESPOONS  melted butter 800ml milk 3 eggs 125ml sugar 50ml flour ( 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon) 50ml corn flour – mazena ( 3 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon) Pinch of salt 1 tablespoon butter 2 tsp vanilla essence Method:  Crush biscuits until very fine ( use a packet with no holes or a rolling pin in a big bowl) and mix in the melted butter  – melt the butter in the microwave Press into bottom of a 22cm pie dish ( use a loose bottomed tin if possible) push nice and tight and place in fridge to harden Put the milk into a pot and bring gently to the boil Mix the other ingredients together except the butter and vanilla essence Add slowly to the hot milk and stir all the time until thickens Do not let lumps come Add the butter and vanilla once nice and thick Pour over the base and sprinkle with cinnamon powder – allow to cool off Place in fridge to set for about 2 or 3 hours … Read the rest

Chocolate Rum Fridge Cake

Ingredients:  250g butter 250g dark chocolate 2 eggs 2 Tablespoons castor sugar 1Tablespoon rum (can be left out) 1 packet Marie biscuits Method:  Place butter and chocolate in a double boiler.… Read the rest
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