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Warmth in words

Moved by the experiences shared with our many guests, Umngazi proves to be an adventure, whether you are a visitor or a part of our ever-growing family.… Read the rest

Review by Character Stays

Review by CharacterStays The Wild Coast, as well as its inhabitants, has given a great deal to Umngazi and thus it seems only fair that a constant effort is made to giving back.… Read the rest

Review by David Rodgers

Review by David Rodgers With R&R around every corner, it seems close to impossible to tear yourself away from spa treatments, lounging in the sun or even dozing off on the deck of a bungalow sporting indescribable scenery – except at Umngazi, where relaxation meets adventure.… Read the rest

Review from the travelling snob

Review from thetravellingsnob It brings great pleasure to be able to say that at Umngazi, we pride ourselves on ensuring all expectations and needs are met, including those of every member of our Umngazi family, but to receive such accolade from ‘the travelling snob’ himself, is simply invigorating!… Read the rest
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