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Christmas crackers

Did You Know? Christmas crackers are a traditional Christmas favorite in the UK. They were first made in about 1845-1850 by a London sweet maker called Tom Smith.… Read the rest

The Xhosa Calendar

Did You Know? The Xhosa months of the year are poetically named after stars and seasonal plants of Southern Africa.
The Xhosa year traditionally began in June and ended in May, when Canopus, the brightest star visible in the Southern Hemisphere, signalled the time for harvesting.… Read the rest

Southern Right Whales

Did You Know? Every year southern right whales migrate from their icy feeding grounds off Antarctica to warmer climates, reaching South Africa in June.… Read the rest

Shweshwe Fabric

Did You Know? Shweshwe fabric originally comes from India. The German settlers brought this vibrant cotton fabric to South Africa in 1858.… Read the rest
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