A Crafty new look for Umngazi

Meet Sondaga Reuben Sepataka, innovator at Hand Crafted Paper, creator of the new Umngazi room folders, wine lists and cocktail folders and our very own arts and crafts hero. Reuben was born in 1958 and is married to Linah. The inspiring couple’s home language and culture is Northern Sotho and the two live in their home in Modjadji, home of the Rain Queen, in the Limpopo Province, where they are the proud parents to four boys.

When Hand Crafted Paper began in 1992, Reuben ultimately played a huge role in the fabrication of the business and has developed his skills enormously since then. From making paper and envelopes to book binding, he creates exquisite journals, folders and notebooks, using recycled paper and creating an unusual and harmonic bond between manmade items and the natural environment. He is brilliant with his hands, fixing and maintaining equipment and creating new products. Reuben has made Hand Crafted Paper what it is today by taking tremendous pride in his work and we are beyond thrilled to have such an amazing character share his time and skills with all at Umngazi.